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Yes, The 37th Annual Ohio 24-Hour Science Fiction Marathon (from Noon, Saturday March 21st until Noon, Sunday March 22nd at the Drexel Theatre), the original celebration of cinematic excess, will this year play host to an epic smackdown between the greatest creatures ever to strike fear in the hearts of mere mortals and the malevolent machines which have sought to take over our lives! And this year, we're proud to welcome internationally acclaimed silent film accompanist Jeff Rapsis as our Guest of Honor, performing with the restored version of 1925's THE LOST WORLD! For an entire rotation of the planet, you can thrill to the filmic delights of:

  • The 37th Annual Costume Contest, with $100 First Prize!
  • A galaxy of 35mm trailers and shorts
  • And much more!

Tickets for SF37 are on sale at the Drexel Theatre (2254 E. Main St.), Laughing Ogre Comics (CASH ONLY-4258 N. High St.), or online on the Tickets page.

Want to reserve your hoodie before the event and make sure that you have something epic to help you remember the marathon? Order your hoodie by March 5th over on the Tickets page!


SF37 coming March 21-22, 2020!

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Tickets are now on sale for SF37: The 37th Annual Ohio 24-Hour Science Fiction Marathon (March 21st-22nd at the Drexel Theatre)! Blast off with us, once again, for an entire rotation of the planet aboard the Starship Drexel, with the usual mix of classics, rediscoveries, premieres, shorts, and trailers that you've come to love over the event's storied history. Films and other attractions coming soon! Tickets are $45 in advance, $50 at the door, and can be purchased at the Drexel Theatre box office (2254 E. Main St.), Laughing Ogre Comics (4258 N. High St.), or from our Tickets page.


What is the Sci Fi Marathon?

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The Sci-Fi Marathon is an entire spin of our planet watching science fiction features, premieres, over-looked gems, vintage trash and classics, along with cartoons, shorts and previews of coming attractions from years gone by. Hundreds of prizes are awarded to all winners and entrants in the Annual Costume Contest, as well as other contests and competitions at random. Those who survive the entire 24 hours will also receive the much coveted Certificate of Marathoid Behavior to impress their friends. The devoted, demented Marathoid throng will return from far and wide to experience this year's 'thon. The communal comaraderie of this audience often makes the unbearable hilarious and the great even more glorious. Surviving the sleep-deprived ordeal with this crazed crowd brings us together in delightful, bizarre, and unexpected ways.