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HOOT Horror Marathon Article
A promo article from HOOT magazine, circa October 1988. HOOT was the brainchild of local gadfly Irv Oslin. It mainly featured weekly runs of national comic strips, many of which did not run in the Columbus market, and other humor writing. Regular strips included Lynda Barry's ERNIE POOK'S COMEEK, the works of Jules Pfeiffer and, later, early material from Ted Rall. It also featured the only local printing of Joe Bob Briggs's weekly column. HOOT was known for its iconoclastic covers (such as the "Give 'Em a Big Dead Slug" parody of Big Bear's then-popular tagline), but also for its staunch support of the Marathons. The Science Fiction fests regularly received cover treatment, and while the Horror Marathons couldn't match this there were usually kind mentions in articles like the one feature here. On a personal note, it was HOOT's coverage of the 2nd edition of IT CAME FROM THE DREXEL NORTH (with its attendant Marvin the Martian cover and "Insomniacs Invade the Drexel North" tagline) that first introduced me to this cinematic thing of ours. Thanks Irv. (Neff)
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