Transmitted by Jen

The countdown no doubt has soon begun for our Annual 24 Hour Ohio Science Fiction Marathon! So you might have a few questions...and to those questions, we have a few answers!

  • Parking: Theatre parking is available at all-times in the parking lot behind the theatre (access from Drexel Ave.); on the north side of E. Main St., both sides of Drexel Ave., and nearby side streets. If parking behind the theater, please remember not to park in the Giant Eagle spaces. Parking is also available on the south side of E. Main St. between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. and after 6:00 p.m. weekdays and all-day Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. As always, be mindful of the signs and you should be fine! The Drexel Theatre is located at 2254 E. Main St., Columbus, Ohio between Drexel Ave. and College Ave. (in the heart of Bexley directly across from Capital University).
  • Outside Food and Beverages: While we don't have a hard and fast rule against bringing in outside food for the Marathon, we highly encourage you to patronize the Drexel's concession stand during the event. They make a huge chunk of their funds for this 24 hours from concession sales, and we like to repay their generosity toward us by keeping things running smoothly on their end. Plus, they offer and expanded slate of food offerings for the Marathon, including hot dogs, pizza, nachos, and other special creature comforts.
  • Unlimited Coffee Refills: We know that it takes a lot of stamina, a touch of insanity, and several injections of caffeine to stay awake for the entire 24 hours. To aid and abet your insomniac tendencies, we offer a snazzy commemorative coffee mug at each Marathon. Mugs are usually around $15, and an additional $5 to the Drexel's concession stand gets you unlimited coffee refills in the mug for the duration of the event!
  • What if I have to leave for awhile?: A Marathon ticket entitles you to the entire 24 hours of feature, shorts, trailers, contests, caffeine-induced dementia, Marvin the Martian's attempted takeover, and other such nuttiness. It also entitles you to come and go as you please. Just hang onto your stamped and validated ticket.
  • MST3K-style commentary: Some shoutouts, jokes, and commentary during films is great and all part of the fun, but please, don't do it every five minutes just to be heard. Some people still go to watch the movies, even if they do only feature a man in a rubber lizard suit.
  • Be comfortable: Sometimes at 3 am it can get a little chilly or you need a place to lay your head (preferably not on your neighbor)...Be sure to bring any blankets and pillows you might need to get comfy, and don't forget to dress in layers so you can add or subtract as needed.
  • Have fun: Just do it! Dress up for the costume contest, act silly with your fellow 'thon goers, consume mass quantities of popcorn and bask in the glory of a giant screen filled with sci fi awesome.